About this blog

This blog arose from a Twitter conversation. For more background, see this blogpost

Its purpose is to provide a forum for the discussion of agreed books or texts, relevant to the Catholic Faith, in a spirit of intellectual enquiry and fidelity to the Magisterium: Faith seeking understanding.  All discussions should be conducted in charity.

All are welcome in principle, if they enter into that spirit, but this is a benevolent autocracy, not a democracy: those who have flooded other blogs in the past will probably not be posted, nor those with a history of anti-Catholic, or anti-magisterial, commentary.

Those who wish to remain anonymous are welcome to do so, but will be asked to use a pseudonym, for the sake of clarity.  Comments posted from Anon or Anonymous will not be displayed.

I would like to thank John H @Johnthelutheran, the kind and gracious volunteer who answered my plea for help and set this site up for me.


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