What next?

Thanks for all the comments in response to the Review and Reflection post.

What come through clearly is that people would like to continue with this reading group, but nobody has a strong sense of what we should read next.

I liked Lazarus’ suggestion of listing a few things to read over the coming months, as well as Hugh’s that we could look at earlier Church documents and other genres.

I think in many reading groups, people take it in turns to suggest a book to read, which is good as it leads one to read things one might otherwise not have read.  So I would like to suggest that as a Modus Operandi.

So I propose we all suggest one thing we’d like to get everyone to read and discuss, and then we agree a sequence for them (it may be when all the suggestions are in that there is some logical sequence which suggests itself).

To set the ball rolling, I am going to suggest Gaudium et Spes, simply because I am sure I’ve read it, but really can’t remember any of it, so think it would repay further attention.

Please pitch in with your suggestions – ideally before Thursday when I’m off to Chartres, so we can agree where we are going next before I leave.

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2 Responses to What next?

  1. Ttony says:

    I’d suggest Humanæ Vitæ as an offering if we are going to continue to look at the Church during and since Vatican II; otherwise something refreshingly robust like Lamentabili.

  2. Lazarus says:

    I’d suggest Casta Connubii. It’s just come up in the comboxes of the Catholic Herald as an example of ‘bad old Catholic attitudes’ to women. It does contain ‘hard sayings’ which it would be interesting to tease out, but is clearly relevant to a lot of modern discussions as well.

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